Content is king – you’ve probably heard that one before. What you might not have heard is a clear reason why, and how to access the keys to the kingdom.

First things first – what is content?

Content is anything you create that can be “consumed” by your audience. It’s something that you generate that people can see, hear, or touch that adds value to their lives and somehow allows them to solve a problem they might not even know they had. Content isn’t for you – the brand – even though it benefits you significantly. Content is for the consumer and should improve upon their world in some way. Producing content should always be filtered through the lens of the question “How can we help?”

Let’s talk about four reasons to use content to answer that question, and some hacks to get you started.


Ultimately, what each brand needs to gain in order to survive and thrive is trust. Everyone needs an ally, someone championing for them, which provides us, the opportunity to become a trusted resource. Knowledge builds trust as does communication, and when you create a content platform that helps others build their own knowledge – that is powerful. Two fold, that opportunity allows you to amplify your voice as an expert in your field. When someone can go to your site and read your blog, or read an email to experience your knowledge on a wide variety of topics that they’re curious about, interested in, or struggling with, you’ve given them something to base trust off of. A means of communication that they can trust, that they need, that they gain knowledge from is a fundamental building block that lends itself to lifelong relationships!


Something you created yourself can’t be taken away. It’s inherently less vulnerable than content you pull from somewhere else because it’s in your own ecosystem. When your brand has control over what you create and where it lives, your brand gains value. It’s like adding gold to your treasure chest – all the more prized when someone finds it.


What we want out of content is for it to do its job – to make a positive impact on the life of the person digesting it. If you’re in charge of your own content, you can ensure that’s happening because you’re intimately connected to the consumer and the problems they face that you’re uniquely qualified to solve. When you ask yourselves “How can I help them?”, you can immediately move towards generating a solution and making an impact.


In our social-media driven world, everything we create has the potential to be shared. When someone within your audience is impacted positively by something they’ve read, heard, seen, or received from you, they’re likely to “share the wealth” by sharing the good experience they had through some means of communication. Whether they text a link to a friend, repost something they saw on Instagram, share an article or blog link on their Facebook, or any other number of thought-sharing platforms, every touchpoint has the potential to expand your reach and maximizes your impact.

Content is your best friend in today’s world of marketing. Now that you know why, becoming an empowered marketer means having the right tools and strategies in place to reach your target audience and make a lasting impact.

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