The Home Stretch – Checking in on Your 2019 Goals

Remember all of those marketing + organizational goals you set for 2019, perhaps around this time in 2018? How are those looking? You’ve got less than 90 days left to make magic happen. Here are some steps to making sure you go out with a bang.

1. Take inventory. If you haven’t actually looked at the plan you made for 2019 in a while, let’s start there. So many teams make a plan only to lose sight of it throughout the year. Bring it back to the table and enroll your team in a collective pulse-check.  

2. Identify your biggest winnable gaps. These are the opportunities you are resourced to close the space around the quickest. This is where you leverage your collective strengths to get from wherever you are now, to the place you want to be by the end of the year.  

3. Then, identify your areas of opportunity (pain points). Get real and be honest about the stuff you’re not best in the world at and what you’re struggling with. What work needs to be done to lean into these opportunities? Shoot straight with yourselves and focus on the stuff that you know you can do really well in the time you’ve got left this year.  

4. Make a 90-day plan. Use all of the information you glean from this inquiry to create a strategy to bring it home for the year.</p?  

Check out our 30-minute Marketing Plan outline here.





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