Our Brand ReFi services help financial institutions create vibrant brands, unique name changes, and can help you develop everything from core values and value proposition, to cultural positioning as well as your brand story.

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Organizations who have productive cultures, high brand awareness, and consistent profitable growth all have one thing in common. They built their company from their brand, up. Not all organizations start out by focusing at their brand first, but those who do tend to see a higher rate of growth.

BrandUp™ Strategy Workshop

Our BrandUp™ Strategy Workshop takes a deep dive into your current brand perception, brand behaviors, analyzing your culture, brand engagement, and brand awareness efforts. Conducting a BrandUp™ Strategy Workshop provides you with a clear brand strategy and is the first step in achieving cultural transformation, higher brand awareness, and consistent, profitable growth.
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Name Change

Renaming a brand is a risky business. As most Credit Unions know, a name can make or break you. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but would a Credit Union by any other name perform as well? We believe that your name should be central to your brand story, aid in strategic growth, and be a decision based on deep discovery and research.
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We have worked with Credit Unions that are household names and with those who strive to be such. No matter where your Credit Union is in the branding process we start by learning who you are and what you stand for, so we can represent you with authenticity. We believe that the power of a strong brand can directly set you apart from competition. Empower specializes in creating new brand identities and revitalizing sluggish branding.

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