IntelliFi - Marketing Analytics for Credit Unions


The IntelliFi™ platform can help fuel growth using actionable AI. Machine learning can help you match consumers with the right product and content at the right time, and predict buying probabilities beyond human capacity. 

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Optimize your marketing efforts and timing based on engagement probabilities, and better understand the likelihood for each individual to respond to various channels using proven algorithms.

IntelliFi™ Insights

Enhanced consumer analytics and reporting designed to help you answer the big questions. Understand what makes your account holders unique, how they evolve over time, why they engage with you, and more.

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IntelliFi™ Grow

Omnichannel lookalike targeting designed to help you find and reach the right people with the right message. Target likely-to-act audiences online and offline, identify hotspots for geo-targeted campaigns, and more.

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IntelliFi™ Personas

AI-driven persona development and assignment designed to help you personalize experiences at every touchpoint. Leverage computed personas to personalize ad creative, nurture campaigns, on-page and in-app promotions, and more.

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