Empowered Synergy

We’re better together

The EmpowerFi™ brand was forged between two best-in class marketers in the financial industry: Hilary Reed (CEO) and Kelly Hellickson (President).

As field experts themselves, Kelly and Hilary know what it takes to build a successful brand and together have mastered the art of strategy-infused, data-driven marketing.

The two co-founded EmpowerFi™ to help financial institutions across the country transform their use of data, strategy, and automation to improve marketing performance, increase engagement, and enhance efficiency.

Who we are

EmpowerFi™ is the credit union industry’s leading strategy-infused, data-driven marketing firm. We help credit unions, banks, and financial brands nationwide apply the latest marketing technologies, and assist executives with high-level decisions that enable them to embrace change, think big, and implement new marketing strategies by way of innovative thinking.

We pride ourselves on bringing a rare mix of bold imagination and refined professionalism.

Why Choose Us?

Industry Experts

We have decades of experience working with credit unions of all shapes and sizes, from Hawaii to Maine and everywhere in between. We’ve even taken home some industry awards for our work!

Strategic Mindset

One of our key strengths is our strategic, data-driven approach to marketing. We leverage advanced analytics, data science and unique growth strategies to uncover deep insights that power your success.


The staff at EmpowerFi are some of the most creative individuals, with concentrations in everything from graphic design to retail design, branding, social media, and digital marketing.

Change Agents

When it comes to next-level innovation and thinking outside the FI/CU box, we’re here to point you in the right direction. We encourage you to embrace change in order to fuel growth.

Meet the EmpowerFi Team

We are a team of financial marketing experts who advise industry leaders on the most critical opportunities: Marketing, Strategy, Automation, Brand, and Predictive Intelligence.

Hilary A. Reed

CEO // Co-Founder


Accounting Manager


Marketing Automation


Project Management


Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer

Kelly Hellickson

President // Co-Founder


Business Operations


Graphic Designer


Sr. Designer


content specialist


Sr. Strategist


AVP, Operations // Analytics


Art Director


Client Success


Executive Outreach




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EmpowerFi is a trusted partner for credit unions and community banks nationwide. Let us help you achieve your marketing and growth goals through our unique industry perspective, personalized & automated campaigns, and data-driven insights.