Revitalize your marketing with the power of AI.

We can help you pinpoint your perfect prospects and turn them into your ideal members.

IntelliFi - Marketing Analytics for Credit Unions

AI-Driven Data Analytics

IntelliFi™ powered by Faraday is a turnkey, service bureau predictive analytics platform designed with your or your marketing team in mind.

Plus…This end-to-end predictive platform provides you with your very own on-demand data analyst to help your team strategize and make your data actionable. No need to hire!

IntelliFi™ Insights

Enhanced consumer analytics and reporting designed to help you answer the big questions. Understand what makes your account holders unique, how they evolve over time, why they engage with you, and more.

IntelliFi™ Grow

Omnichannel lookalike targeting designed to help you find and reach the right people with the right message. Target likely-to-act audiences online and offline, identify hotspots for geo-targeted campaigns, and more.

IntelliFi™ Personas

AI-driven persona development and assignment designed to help you personalize experiences at every touchpoint. Leverage computed personas to personalize ad creative, nurture campaigns, on-page and in-app promotions, and more.


Check out the case study below to learn more about how credit unions can utilize AI.


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