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EmpowerFi™ and The Social Media Law Firm Announce Strategic Collaboration to Strengthen Social Media Compliance for Credit Unions

EmpowerFi™ and The Social Media Law Firm Announce Strategic Collaboration to Strengthen Social Media Compliance for Credit Unions

Philadelphia, PA – EmpowerFi, the leading strategy-infused, data-driven marketing firm for American financial services providers, is thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with The Social Media Law Firm, a renowned authority in digital marketing and social media compliance for credit unions. This alliance aims to galvanize financial services marketer confidence by ensuring social media and online marketing strategies remain compelling while improving regulatory compliance.

Social By Nature, Compliant by Intent

As social media becomes an increasingly vital tool for financial brands to engage with their members and attract new ones, the imperative for regulatory compliance has never been more critical. The Social Media Law Firm, led by Ethan Wall, specializes in guiding financial institutions through the complex landscape of digital marketing and social media compliance. With over a decade of experience and a track record of helping credit union executives adhere to FFIEC Social Media Guidance, Wall and his team bring invaluable expertise to this partnership. Wall shared about the new collaboration, “The Social Media Law Firm recognizes the value of innovation through social media, sweepstakes, and employee engagement, while also ensuring legal and regulatory compliance. Our alliance with EmpowerFi gives credit unions the opportunity to be social and safe by implementing risk management guidelines that satisfy the needs of marketing and compliance alike.”

EmpowerFi’s Role and Vision

EmpowerFi, co-founded by industry veterans Hilary Reed and Kelly Hellickson, has always been at the forefront of innovative marketing strategies for credit unions. Through its new collaboration with The Social Media Law Firm, EmpowerFi will highlight comprehensive social media and digital marketing compliance solutions to its growing stable of financial services clients. This strategic collaboration will enable marketers to confidently engage with their communities through a branded social voice while hedging against legal risks.

A Partnership Built on Expertise and Trust

Hilary Reed, CEO of EmpowerFi, expressed her enthusiasm for the alliance: “We are excited to extend The Social Media Law Firm’s reach to our clients for a robust solution that addresses the critical need for social media compliance. This relationship aligns perfectly with our mission to help credit unions leverage the latest marketing technologies and strategies effectively and safely.”

Ethan Wall, founder of The Social Media Law Firm, shared similar sentiments: “Aligning with EmpowerFi allows us to reach more credit unions and provide them with the guidance they need to navigate the regulatory scrutiny and legal risk arising from social media. Together, we can help credit unions thrive in the digital age while achieving compliance and reducing legal risk.”


About EmpowerFi

EmpowerFi™ is the credit union industry’s leading strategy-infused, data-driven marketing firm. Founded by Hilary Reed and Kelly Hellickson, EmpowerFi helps financial institutions across the country transform their use of data, strategy, and automation to improve marketing performance, increase engagement, and enhance efficiency.

About The Social Media Law Firm

The Social Media Law Firm specializes in social media compliance for financial institutions. As a social media attorney for credit unions, Ethan Wall has over ten years of experience helping credit unions and other financial institutions develop and implement social media policies and risk management programs that adhere to regulatory guidelines, ensuring their marketing efforts are both effective and legally sound.

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